Financial Hardship Form

Patient’s annual gross household/family unit income:

Please provide one of the following forms of documentation:
  • The first page of your most recent federal tax return (Form 1040), or
  • Recent paycheck stub for each wage earner in your household/family unit, or
  • Other evidence of your household/family unit income
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  • The information submitted and provided for this application is complete and accurate.
  • I understand that completion of this form does not guarantee financial assistance.
  • I certify that paying for the heliosDX testing would cause financial hardship.
  • I understand that this program is subject to change or termination by heliosDX.
  • I authorize heliosDX to use the information on this application to assess my eligibility for the heliosDX financial assistance program.
  • I authorize heliosDX to contact me directly regarding this application.
  • I understand that these authorizations, which are required for participation in this program, can be cancelled at any time by mailing a letter to heliosDX.
I certify that I have read and understand the Certifications and Authorizations above and that I agree to the above terms, as indicated by signing below:
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Entering your name in the field above is equivalent to your electronic signature.

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