heliosDX offers high complexity Urine Drug testing which includes qualitative and quantitative testing of over 22 drug classes. We offer a preliminary 10-Panel + adulteration detection screen, as well as confirmation testing via our comprehensive toxicology panel. This panel is designed to assist doctors in consistently finding the most accurate treatment and drug monitoring for their patients.

Clinical Toxicology is the discipline within toxicology that is focused on the toxic effect and identification of certain drugs or chemicals that patients consume and helps physicians monitor and determine long term harmful drug interactions, confirm existing or future conditions or lead to therapy.

We offer a full menu of medical drug monitoring tests that provide unparalleled choice and flexibility for your specific monitoring needs.

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The heliosDX Lab program:

  • Assists clinicians in monitoring prescription drugs,
    non-prescription drugs and illicit drugs
  • Provides clinicians and patients with fast and timely results
  • Improves the quality of life of each patient by providing
    industry leading testing and instrumentation
  • Easy to review results
  • Scientific expertise from trusted personnel

helios DX offers a technical support hotline. You will be able to contact certified scientists for a consultation about your test results.


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