Accurate, Impartial and Reliable Testing

HeliosDX is a high complexity urine drug (UDT) and Infectious Disease (UTI) testing laboratory, also offering PCR (Nail, Wound, RPP, STI, GI), Oral Fluids, and Allergy Droplet Cards through our Lab Partners. We offer our physicians individualized customer service, as well as fast and accurate reporting of results. Additionally, we do all of our billing in house, and offer a patient friendly billing protocol.


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Urine Toxicology

We offer High Complexity Urine Drug Testing which includes Qualitative and Quantitative testing of over 22 drug classes. We offer a preliminary
10-panel + adulteration detection screening, as well as confirmation testing via our comprehensive toxicology panel. This panel is designed to assist doctors in consistently finding the most accurate treatment and drug monitoring for their patients.

Behavioral Toxicology

We also offer high complexity confirmation testing through a custom Behavioral Toxicology panel to distinct clinics to better serve their specific patients and common prescriptions related to Chronic Care Management. The goal of this panel is to assist in helping patients achieve a better quality of life through steady care and management of their conditions.

Disease PCR

Advanced testing method for infectious diseases throughout the body. UTI is performed in house. Respiratory, Wound, Nail, STI, GI, and Antibiotic Resistance panels take patient care to the next level. *Now offering COVID-19 testing*

Oral Fluids

Easy to use buccal swabs make drug testing quicker. Producing the same, high quality results as urine, oral fluids are a great alternative to urine collection.

Blood Droplet

Simple finger-prick antibody testing to determine common causes of acute rhinitis. Testing of up to 68 allergens, including respiratory and food, provides an extensive look into a patient’s allergy profile.